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[Tugas 1] Gas in Crisis?

Zahra Dertina Ekaputri

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Gas in Crisis?

The world is changing fast. There is an energy crisis on the horizon for Europe. If we take natural gas as an example it would be seem at first glance that countries such as Norway, Britain and the Netherlands have sufficient gas reserves to supply Europe for some time to come. However, this is misleading; most of these reserves will be used up over the next ten to twenty years. Even if more deposits are found in the North Sea or the Atlantic Ocean the problem will still not be solved. The continent must turn to Russia where there are huge quantities of gas underground. This country is in the happy position of being the gas giant of the world. Other nations are also approaching Moscow to cover their energy requirements. The economies of countries such as China and India are expanding dramatically and they are going to need massive amounts of energy, which includes gas. Will there be enough of this commodity to satisfy the needs of Asia and Europe? This is by no means certain, and the consequence could be a shortage of gas imports, which could lead to power cuts in some European countries in the future. There is one other source of gas – LNG, liquified natural gas. This is transported by ship from such places as the Arabian Peninsula. Nevertheless, it is questionable if these supplies can ever be a realistic alternative to gas which is imported by pipeline; the simple fact is that the volumes shipped would never meet demand. People are therefore right to be worried. Political leaders and companies must tackle this issue; we need a secure and reliable supply of gas for the long term. This inevitably means that wholesale prices will soar, but this is still better than the nightmare scenario of freezing in our homes or having no power for our industry.
Gas dalam krisis?

Dunia berubah cepat. Ada krisis energi di cakrawala untuk Eropa. Jika kita mengambil gas alam sebagai contoh itu akan tampak pada pandangan pertama bahwa negara-negara seperti Norwegia, Inggris dan Belanda memiliki cadangan gas yang cukup untuk memasok Eropa selama beberapa waktu ke depan. Namun, hal ini menyesatkan; sebagian besar cadangan tersebut akan habis digunakan selama sepuluh sampai dua puluh tahun ke depan. Bahkan jika lebih deposito yang ditemukan di Laut Utara atau Samudra Atlantik masalah akan tetap tidak terpecahkan. Benua harus berpaling ke Rusia di mana terdapat sejumlah besar gas bawah tanah. Negara ini berada dalam posisi bahagia menjadi raksasa gas dunia. Negara-negara lain juga mendekati Moskow untuk menutupi kebutuhan energi mereka. Perekonomian negara-negara seperti China dan India memperluas secara dramatis dan mereka akan membutuhkan sejumlah besar energi, yang meliputi gas. Apakah akan ada cukup komoditas ini untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Asia dan Eropa? Hal ini tidak berarti tertentu, dan akibatnya bisa menjadi kekurangan impor gas, yang dapat menyebabkan pemadaman listrik di beberapa negara Eropa di masa depan. Ada satu sumber lain dari gas – LNG, gas alam cair. Ini diangkut dengan kapal dari tempat-tempat seperti Semenanjung Arab. Namun demikian, patut dipertanyakan jika pasokan ini pernah dapat menjadi alternatif yang realistis untuk gas yang diimpor oleh pipa; fakta sederhana adalah bahwa volume dikirimkan tidak akan pernah memenuhi permintaan. Orang karena itu hak untuk khawatir. Para pemimpin politik dan perusahaan harus mengatasi masalah itu; kami membutuhkan pasokan aman dan handal gas untuk jangka panjang. Ini pasti berarti bahwa harga grosir akan melambung, tapi ini masih lebih baik daripada skenario mimpi buruk membeku di rumah kita atau tidak memiliki daya untuk industri kami.

Krisis Gas?

Dunia berubah dengan cepat. Ada krisis energi di masa datang untuk Eropa. Jika kita mengambil gas alam sebagai contoh itu akan terlihat pada pandangan pertama bahwa negara-negara seperti Norwegia, Inggris dan Belanda memiliki cadangan gas yang cukup untuk memasok Eropa selama beberapa waktu ke depan. Namun, hal ini keliru, sebagian besar cadangan tersebut akan habis digunakan selama sepuluh sampai dua puluh tahun ke depan. Bahkan jika simpanan lebih yang ditemukan di Laut Utara atau Samudra Atlantik masalah akan tetap tidak terpecahkan. Benua harus berpaling ke Rusia di mana terdapat sejumlah besar gas bawah tanah. Negara ini berada dalam posisi bahagia menjadi raksasa gas dunia. Negara-negara lain juga mendekati Moskow untuk menutupi kebutuhan energi mereka. Perekonomian negara-negara seperti China dan India memperluas secara dramatis dan mereka akan membutuhkan sejumlah besar energi, yang meliputi gas. Apakah akan ada cukup komoditas ini untuk memenuhi kebutuhan Asia dan Eropa? Hal ini belum tentu pasti, dan akibatnya bisa menjadi kekurangan impor gas, yang dapat menyebabkan pemadaman listrik di beberapa negara Eropa di masa depan. Ada satu sumber lain dari gas - LNG, gas alam cair. Ini diangkut dengan kapal dari tempat-tempat seperti Semenanjung Arab. Meskipun demikian, patut dipertanyakan jika pasokan ini pernah dapat menjadi alternatif yang nyata untuk gas yang diimpor oleh pipa, fakta sederhana adalah bahwa volume dikirimkan tidak akan pernah memenuhi permintaan. Orang oleh karena itu benar untuk khawatir. Para pemimpin politik dan perusahaan harus mengatasi masalah ini, kita membutuhkan pasokan  gas yang aman dan dapat dipercaya untuk jangka panjang. Ini pasti berarti bahwa harga grosir akan melambung, tapi ini masih lebih baik daripada skenario mimpi buruk dari membeku di rumah kita atau tidak memiliki daya untuk industri kita.

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Tugas 3 (Terakhir) Pembelajaran Bhs.Inggris Berbantuan Komputer (3 CERPEN & 2 PUISI)

(1) Towers

Jae doesn’t know what time or day it is when he wakes up, but there’s a strip of light creeping in underneath his curtains so he figures he’s slept in. He doesn’t realise quite where he is at first – he never sleeps on this side of the bed – but then there’s a snore that’s not his, and he rolls over to find himself curled next to a stranger, and he sighs.
   He turns away from the guy in his bed, and instead his eyes land on his bedside table, on the photo frame he tries hard to ignore every day—
Yunho asks a girl on the street to take a picture for him, and she agrees, perhaps due to the charming smile, taking the camera from him gingerly. He steps back to Jae’s side, who is shivering a little in the cold winter wind, and Yunho leans down to kiss his cheek without warning, click, and when the girl hands the camera back she’s blushing a little.
   He rolls onto his stomach and buries his face in the pillow.
   Once the stranger has gone, Jae pads around his apartment purposelessly. He pours himself a green tea and sips at it while he draws circles along his kitchen bench with his fingertips.
   The tea is too hot, and it burns his tongue.
   His phone rings and the ID tells him it’s Yunho’s sister and he understands why Jihye thinks that grieving together is the best option, but really, after all these years, he has no tears left to cry. He lets it go to voice mail and listens to her pretty voice fill his lonely apartment.
   The weekend passes too quickly, but Jae has grown used to his tired routine over time, and the familiarity of the hung-over walk to his bakery is somehow warming. He opens up shop a little lethargically but by the time the first waves of businessmen are lining up for their morning caffeine shots, he’s gotten back into the swing of things.
Taemin stops by, a sweet boy who used to work in the bakery a few years ago. Jae used to have extra staff back then, but after— when—
   Well, eventually he found that he had too much time on his hands, and decided he might as well funnel it all into his business.
Jae makes him his favourite coffee, on the house, and Taemin asks if Jae is sure he still doesn’t need a hand around the place. Jae smiles ruefully and tells him work is good for the soul.
Taemin retorts that having a life is good for the soul too, apparently.
Jae locks up at 6pm on the dot, same as every other night, and heads home. He takes the subway, a habit he picked up because his old car smelled much too nostalgic and the press of bodies around him in peak hour made him feel not quite so alone.
   He could listen to the conversations of the people around him and live vicariously through them, if only for a few minutes.
   The walk from the station to his apartment is only short, and too soon for his liking, he finds himself slotting his key into his door. He steps out of his shoes and doesn’t bother turning the lights on as he navigates the hallways towards his kitchen.
   He is a creature of habit, and he runs a small dialogue as he opens up his fridge, playing the role of both himself and the second person missing from the equation. He fights with himself pettily over what to eat and finally settles the argument by choosing takeaway.
   He and Yunho used to scissor-paper-rock what they’d eat but you can’t play that by yourself, so Jae chooses pizza.
   The week passes by until Friday closes in, and Jae almost wishes it was Monday again, because the weekends are always hard to deal with.
   At around two there’s a lull in customers and so Jae sits down on a stool behind the counter and begins writing down some ideas for new recipes. He’s interrupted when the bell above the door rings and a young man walks in.
   He’s tall, is the first thing Jae notices. He has boyish features and short brown hair, and he looks too young to be that tall. He orders a coffee and three cakes.
When Jae hands him his order, the customer pauses, really looking at him. You’re beautiful, the stranger tells Jae, a little abruptly, like maybe it was a slip of the tongue.
Jae’s eyes drop a little. He softly tells the customer the cost of his purchase.
   The money is handed over, but the customer is still watching him intensely. Can I ask your name, he asks.
Jae, comes the reply, a little hesitantly.
   I’m Changmin. Nice to meet you.
Jae ends up in a familiar club, one of his usual haunts, on Saturday evening. He knows he shouldn’t be here, knows it will only make everything worse in the morning, but somehow no matter how many times he learns that lesson the hard way, he comes back for more.
   Maybe he’s hung up on torturing himself.
   He gets drunk enough to see colours when he spins too fast and ends up in the warm embrace of another stranger. He takes him home and drowns himself in what is real, raw, solid, concrete, what he can touch and feel and know.
   When Jae wakes up in the morning he finds himself, as usual, staring at that same photo frame. He finally reaches out of bed to lie the frame flat on its face, sick of those happy little pixel people staring at him so disapprovingly.
   The stranger leans up in bed, and asks with a smirk if that’s the boyfriend. Little minx, he adds, does your man know you sleep around?
Jae’s frozen for a second and then everything goes blurry as he races for the toilet. He makes it as far as the sink before bile is tearing up his throat.
   Never again, he tells himself, lying in bed cradling that photo frame to his chest, and he can hear Jihye’s voice echoing through voicemail in another room, Jae, Jae I know you’re there, pick up the phone, I know you were crying when I called before, Jae, but he buries his head under the pillow and clutches the photo tighter.
   Never again, never again, never again, he chants.
   At work on Monday he finds himself serving the same customer from last week. Changmin, he recalls. He orders the same coffee but different cakes, and he says, the food here is great. I think you’ve got yourself a regular customer.
Jae smiles, thanks him politely. He expects him to move to a table, but instead Changmin leans on the counter.
   Do you make it all yourself, he asks, looking genuinely interested. All your own recipes?
Jae says yes, all my own, and the customer looks impressed.
   Can you cook anything other than cakes?, and Jae thinks he knows where this is headed, but he’s helpless to stop the train wreck.
   So he replies yes a little hesitantly, and then Changmin says cheekily, maybe you could cook me dinner sometime then. He doesn’t wait for an answer but winks and heads to a table.
Jae shakes his head and returns to work, feeling only slightly perturbed by the incident.
Changmin sticks to his word and becomes a regular customer in no time. He works his way through all the cakes in Jae’s menu and by that time Jae has already memorised all this customer’s particulars, all his likes and dislikes. He’s always been good with people, or so he’s been told.
Changmin makes his intentions towards Jae obvious early on when he slides a piece of paper with his number across the counter, but he’s gentle, and doesn’t push too much. Mostly he makes polite conversation  whenJae’s not busy, and occasionally teases him a little, always smiling cheekily.
   But Changmin is freshly 25 and Jae will be hitting 31 in a few months, so aside from all the other complications, Changmin is simply too young to know what he really wants, and Jae is worn out.
   It’s a Thursday and Changmin is still in the bakery when Jae starts getting ready to close up for the night. He doesn’t mind, and lets
Changmin slowly finish his cake as he sweeps up the floors and does a quick stock take.
Changmin helps him clean, which Jae is thankful for, and then at six they leave the bakery together. Changmin grabs Jae’s wrist as he begins to wave goodbye and pulls him closer.
   Why don’t we go get dinner together, he asks, eyes all shining and hopeful and so, so young.
Jae smiles sadly and shakes his head. We can’t, Changmin.
   Why not? he challenges, and Jae would admire that youthful obstinacy  if it wasn’t clashing with him. Are you busy?
   I know what you want from me and I can’t give it to you, Jae says gently. You should go find someone else.
   But you’re the one I want.
   As time wears on JaerealisesChangmin isn’t going to go away. He finally gives up and accepts the stubborn boy as part of his life.
   One day, out of the blue, he finds himself laughing with Changmin over the counter, and he wonders to himself—how long has it been since he really laughed like that?
   On the 5th of the new month, as he does habitually, Jae catches a cab out to the cemetery on the outskirts of town. He holds a potted cactus in his hands, because Yunho had always said that roses were boring and if it was him, he’d want something interesting.
Jae treks through the rows and rows of headstones, his feet easily finding the usual route because really, this place had become as familiar to him as his apartment. When he reaches the tombstone he’s looking for, he sits down in front of it, not caring if his dress pants get wet from the early morning dew still clinging to the grass.
   And he puts his cactus down amidst the roses he knows are from Jihye, and he cries. Just a little.
   He’s still wiping at his eyes a little with the sleeves of his shirt when he walks out of the cemetery. He bumps into someone, and murmurs a quiet apology, before he looks up and realises he’s face to face with Changmin.
Changmin looks surprised.
Jae runs away.
Changmin becomes more and more curious, asking Jae all sorts of questions about his childhood and his life and where does he live and does he like the city and does he have a boyfriend and what was his last serious relationship and Jae just stuffs cakes in his mouth so he can’t talk.
   But one day when Jae looks up in his break, he sees Taemin talking deeply to Changmin. They talk for a long time, and when Taemin finally leaves, Changmin looks at Jae.
Pity.So much pity in those eyes.
Jae decides one Saturday morning that his menu has become too bland and he grabs his recipe book, intent on finally trying out some of the recipes he’s been writing down for the past couple of years.
   He used to try baking something new every Saturday while Yunho was still sleeping in, and then he’d always wake up to something to eat, sometimes delicious, sometimes horrible.
   When Jae finishes the final touches on his creation, he thinks it looks quite good, and for a moment, he almost goes to call Yunho’s name.
   And for some reason, the muffin tastes dense and cold in his mouth.
   On Saturday evening Jae thinks about going out. He changes his mind and digs up Changmin’s phone number.
   The younger man sounds surprised to hear him calling. I, um, just…he begins nervously, finding himself lost for words—I’m lonely, I’m scared, I’m tired of running from the past, I’m so, so tired—but nothing feels quite right on his tongue.
   Bored? Changmin offers helpfully.
   Yeah. Bored, Jae agrees. And I tried a new recipe. I mean, if you…if you want to come over and try them.
   Sunday morning, Jae wakes up to find himself sleeping on his usual side of the bed, blissfully alone.
   When Changmin goes into Jae’s bakery, he notices the new muffins sitting on a tray behind the gleaming glass display container. He smiles, and Jae smiles.
   Any time you feel like trialling a new recipe, feel free to call me over, Changmin says.
Jae laughs. I’ll keep it in mind.
   When Jihye calls on Wednesday night, Jae picks the phone up.
   You never pick my calls up, she says, sounding shocked.
   It’s okay. Her voice really was pretty, Jae mused. And only a hint nostalgic. How have you been, she asks.
   I’m…and Jae thinks about Changmin and the bakery and the new muffins he tried, but he didn’t think Jihye would really understand that, and so he just said, I’m good. I’m…really good.
Changmin continues to coax Jae out of his shell, little by little. With each joke, smile, laugh, Jae feels himself inevitably being drawn downwards into a spiral of messiness. He tries to pull out a couple of times, but Changmin never lets him, always holding too tightly.
   And Jae wastes a lot of breath going over the reasons, because Changmin’s too young, too vibrant, and Jae couldn’t bear to ruin someone so happy. I’m an old soul, he tells Changmin. I’m all worn out when it comes to these relationship things. You don’t need that in your life.
   But I can fix you, Changmin says, eyes shining with all that determination Jae used to have.
   Oh, but you’ll break yourself trying to, sweetie.
   On Saturday Jae finds himself baking again. A twist on the usual meringue, this time. And he hesitates only slightly before he calls Changmin.
   I know it’s early, he says, but I’m cooking and it’ll be ready in twenty minutes if you—
   I’ll be there, Changmin vows.
   When they’re sitting side by side at Jae’s kitchen bench, eating a slightly less than impressive meringue, Jae makes a rash decision. I cook something new every Saturday morning, he tells Changmin. Well, I used to, he corrects himself, and then I stopped. His eyes dart downwards and he swears Changmin can read between the lines enough to know what he’s implying. But, he adds, I’ve picked up the habit again.
Jae looks at Changmin, and the younger man looks so hopeful. So I mean, you coming around could be a weekly habit, if you want, he offers finally.
Changmin laughs, saying, oh, free food, you sure do know how to win me over.
   And Jae almost forgets to missYunho. Almost.
   And then the thought that he almost forgot to miss Yunho has him jumping out of the bed in the middle of the night, in an absolute frenzy, a panic, because god damn it, that was impossible, that was ridiciulous, that was—that was—
   And he calls Jihye and she picks up with a bleary hello? And he forgets it’s two in the morning as he rambles to her half-incoherently until Jihye says
Jae. Jae, he’d want you to live on, not stop because he did.
Changmin has made a habit of offering to take Jae out to dinner on Friday nights.
   He looks completely shocked when Jae says sure, let’s go.
Jae catches Taemin looking at him thoughtfully and cocks an eyebrow. What’re you doing? he asks with a bemused smile.
   You’re different lately, hyung, Taemin replies. Happier.
Jae laughs. You think so?
   Yeah. It’s a nice change.
   It is, isn’t it?
Changmin and Jae are suddenly spending a lot more time together. Dinner out every Friday night, breakfast at Jae’s every Saturday, and sometimes when dinner runs a bit late Jae lets
Changmin sleep in his apartment, always on the sofa in the living room though. Not to mention seeing each other practically every day at the bakery.
   And when Jae’s alone he can think rationally about why this is a bad idea and build up a case because he’s a thirty-something loveless pessimist and he knows he’ll probably end up sucking all the life out of Changmin and leaving the poor kid just as defeated as Jae is.
   But god damn it Jae wanted to live, wanted to feel, wanted everything that Changmin was so ready to give.
Jae wakes up every morning and looks at his photo frame, but he doesn’t feel the incessant need to roll away from it anymore or bury his head in the pillow. He tries to figure out what has changed but he can’t quite grasp it.
   I love you, Changmin blurts out abruptly.
   They were in Jae’s kitchen on a typical Saturday morning, and Jae had just taken his cookies out of the oven. The room falls quiet, the air suddenly thick with tension. Jae has his back to the younger man and he takes his time trying to process the sudden confession.
   Finally he turns around, and Changmin looks so horribly anxious. Jae takes a deep breath and then says, try the cookies. I think they’ll be nice.
   He hands a cookie to Changmin. Changmin sits there looking confused and Jae tries to convey everything he can’t say with his eyes.
Changmin nods, and takes the cookie. Time, hyung, he says softly. You have all the time in the world.
   A week or two later, Taemin visits Jae’s store, and is surprised by all the new additions to the menu. It feels like the old days, Taemin says, smiling fondly.
Jae can’t help but share the younger boy’s expression. I know.
Taemin looks a little hesitant but finally says, you know, I missed Yunho-hyung a lot too. He used to always be hanging around here back when I was working. I…I know it doesn’t mean much…he trails off, wondering if he shouldn’t have been saying anything about this in the first place.
Jae smiles, if a little sadly.Yunho liked you a lot, he tells Taemin. I miss him too, he admits, quieter.
   And his eyes look a little glassy but this is the most Jae has ever said to Taemin—to anyone—about Yunho without his chest feeling like a gaping black hole.
   Hey Taemin, he says abruptly. Do you still want your old job back?
Pausing over a bowl of ramen, the words rushing out before he can overthink them.
Changmin, I think I love you too.
Jae doesn’t know what time it is when he wakes up, but he’s sure he’s slept in. He looks over to find Changmin’s still asleep, and gently rolls over. He reaches up to touch the edge of his old photo frame, smiling nostalgically. And then he turns back, nestling into Changmin’s side and drifting back to sleep.

(2) Literal Sense

Yonggi’s eyebrows furrowed as he tried to decipher the map in his hand and balance a stack of books under his other arm. “Where the fuck is the office?” he muttered angrily, nearly losing balance as a kid raced past him, knocking him in the shoulder.
   This is why I hate changing schools, he thought bitterly as he weaved his way through the milling students in the direction he hoped he would find the office.
   Finally he found the right door and smiled in relief, stuffing the map in his pocket and reaching for the handle. At the exact same time, the door was pulled open from inside and he smacked straight into the boy coming the other way.
   They both fell in a tangle of limbs and books, loose papers flying everywhere. “Yah!” the guy yelled. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
   “S-sorry,” Yonggi stuttered, looking up at the boy—and his next words died on his lips as he found himself looking into the most beautiful face he’d ever happened to see. Pale skin. Smooth. Thick eyelashes and plump lips. He blinked.
   “Well what are you staring at me for?” the boy demanded, getting to his feet and dusting himself off self-importantly. “Pick up my books.”
Yonggi nodded, stammering his way through another apology as he bundled the books together in his arms and stood up to give them to the boy, bowing profusely. The boy just scowled, took his books and flicked his hair, making a little hmph noise.
   “Watch where you’re going next time,” he said, arching one eyebrow in disapproval. He turned on his heel and walked away without another word. Yonggi just watched him walk away, wide eyed, his own books still in a mess on the floor.
   “Oh, you’ve had the misfortune of meeting Kim Jay already,” a voice behind him said with amusement, and Yonggi turned around to find himself facing a tall guy with sharp eyes. He held out his hand. “Shim Changmin.”
Yonggi shook his hand a little dazedly. “Jung Yonggi. Pleased to meet you.”
   “If you need help, come find me. I’m usually in the library, it’s the room upstairs from here,” Changmin said. “See you around.”
Yonggi waved as the boy turned down the corridor, glad he’d found at least one person who didn’t seem to hate him already.
- - - - -
Yonggi managed to survive in anonymity for most of the day by skulking around in the backs of the classrooms. Just get through lunch break, and you’re nearly there, he thought, trying to pep-talk himself as he walked into the cafeteria. He sighed in relief when he found a free table and gratefully took it, pulling out his own lunch.
   He made sure to keep his eyes solely on his sandwich lest he look up and happen to lock eyes with someone. But unfortunately that meant he didn’t notice the small group approaching his table.
   “What are you doing here?” a voice asked rudely, and Yonggi’s eyes snapped up to find himself facing none other than Kim Jay, with two other guys hanging by his side.
   “E-eating?” he replied unsurely. He swallowed and wondered why he always ended up sounding weak around this guy.
   “This is our table,” Jay said self-importantly, flicking his hair a little.
   “But um, I was…here first?” Yonggi said, wanting to sound confident but failing miserably.
   “Yes. And now I’m here. So scram,” Jay said, cocking an eyebrow.
“Yeah. Ok,” Yonggi agreed stupidly, picking up his bag and his half-eaten sandwich. He felt like everyone was staring at him as he awkwardly stood up and practically ran from the canteen.
   He ended up in the library eating beside Changmin, who was so engrossed in a book that he didn’t even notice Yonggi’s flaming red cheeks; and if he did, he certainly didn’t mention it.
- - - - -
   The next morning, after an unfortunate sleep in coupled with a longer-than-usual line at his favourite coffee shop, Yonggi was racing to school with a cup of coffee balanced precariously on the books in his arms. He smiled as his eyes finally fell on the entrance steps to the hall and he realised the first bell hadn’t rung yet.
   Unfortunately he reached the steps just as someone else walking from the opposite direction did, and for the second time in the same amount of days, Yonggi fell backwards, books flying in all directions.
   “YOU!” the other person shouted, and Yonggi leaned up to see it was none other than Jay. “Are you making a habit of bumping into me or something, kid?”
“J-Jay!”Yonggi got to his feet hurriedly and offered Jay his hand, stammering apologies all the while. Jay took his hand with a look of distaste and allowed Yonggi to help him to his feet. Then, cutting Yonggi’s fifteenth apology off, he grabbed the guy by the collars of his shirt and pulled him in so close their noses were just brushing.
   “You listen up,” Jay said, in a dangerously soft voice. “I work on this hair for thirty minutes every morning. It isn’t easy to look this good, alright? And the last thing I need is some punk with—with causally gorgeous windswept hair to knock me over and ruin all my hard work before I even step into the hallway.”
Yonggi blinked, quite distracted by the proximity of Jay’s lips and face and body and hands and—“You think my hair’s gorgeous?”
Jay’s eyes narrowed. “Is that the only thing you heard?” He pulled Yonggi impossibly closer, and Yonggi could feel hot breath washing against his lips. He was fairly sure he quivered in anticipation.
   “You stay out of my way or I will kick you where it hurts. Understand?”
Yonggi swallowed hard. “Perfectly.”
   “Good.” Jay let go of Yonggi’s collar, pushing him back with a look of disdain. He flicked his hair back into place, picked up his bag and sauntered up the school steps, leaving Yonggi standing in a pile of his scattered books.
   That guy, he suddenly realised with a sinking feeling, has got me hooked around his finger already.
- - - - -
Yonggi was already at the library when Changmin walked in during morning break. “What happened with Jay this morning?” he asked, sitting down opposite Yonggi.
Yonggi glanced up. “What? How did you know anything happened?”
Changmin shrugged. “I heard Yoochun saying how ‘that new kid’ was getting on Jay’s nerves, so I figured it was you.”
   “Who’s Yoochun? And I didn’t do anything! I just bumped into him outside the stairs today.”
   “Yoochun, he’s the one who’s attached to Jay by the hip practically. Big adam’s apple, kinda stick-like. Dating that soccer player with the big ass.”
   “Oh. That guy, right.” Yonggi sighed. “I think Jay must hate me already.”
Changmin laughed. “Don’t worry, Jay hates almost everyone.”
   That didn’t make him feel a whole lot better.
- - - - -
   In fourth period, Yonggi had his first history class. He walked in with his head down and chose a seat on the side of the room where he didn’t think he’d annoy anyone. He focused on unpacking his books.
   And then, to his horror, Kim Jay walked in.
Yonggi could feel his heart beating faster and he concentrated on the table in front of him. He could practically feel Jay’s eyes burning holes into his skull, and he breathed a sigh of relief when Jay passed him.
   Until he heard the scraping of a chair behind him and realised he’d unfortunately chosen the seat right in front of Kim Jay.
   The lesson started out alright; the teacher sprung an orientation test on them, so for a while there was nothing but the sound of pens scribbling. And then Yonggi felt the back of his chair being kicked.
   He tried to ignore it, but every ten seconds, Jay would nudge the back of Yonggi’s chair with his foot, and by the end of the lesson, Yonggi wanted nothing more to escape. When the bell finally rang, he bolted to the teacher’s desk to hand in his test and ran out as fast as he could.
   He missed the satisfied look on Jay’s face.
- - - - -
Yonggi was almost too scared to go into the cafeteria at lunch time that day, but he’d forgotten his food and he was starving, so Changmin all but kicked him out of the library with orders to go buy food.
   He kept his head down as he swerved between people, determined to get in and get out without so much as breathing the same air as Kim Jay.
   He got his food easily enough, and couldn’t help but splurge on a little bowl of chocolate mousse which looked quite delicious. He was just congratulating himself on a successful mission when he tripped over someone’s leg, his plate of food flying out in front of him—
And his little bowl of chocolate mousse splattering all over the front of none other than Jay.
Yonggi groaned in pain from his spot on the floor, his head aching from where it had slammed against the table as he fell. Then he heard a slow growling, and looked up into the murderous face of Jay.
   “I…I’m sorry?” he said meekly, getting to his feet and trying to look innocent.
Jay took a deep breath. “Yoochun, hold my shit,” he barked, throwing his bag to the guy on his left. Before Yonggi could prepare to defend himself, Jay had grabbed him by the ear and was dragging him through the cafeteria.
   “Wh-where are you taking me?” Yonggi asked a little breathlessly, trying to keep stride with Jay and ignore the fact that just about everyone was staring at him.
   “Bathroom,” Jay growled. “You ruined my shirt.”
Yonggi’s eyes trailed down to realise that, yes indeed, Jay’s previously white school shirt was now horribly stained a chocolate brown. “Sorry,” Yonggi said again, voice barely audible.
   “You’re incapable, you know that?” Jay ranted as he dragged Yonggi down the corridor. “All I ask is for you to stay away from me, and you can’t even do that.”
   “I’m sorry,” Yonggi said for the third time. “I didn’t mean—”
   “Your voice is irritating me. Stop it,” Jay snapped. He pushed Yonggi into the bathroom and then followed him in, letting the door swing close behind him. “Alright, take your shirt off.”
“W-what?”Yonggi stuttered.
   A stall opened and a guy came out, looking at the situation with interest. Jay eyed the guy up and down and then sniffed in disdain. “Ok, not here, too many perverts. There,” he said, pushing Yonggi without warning into one of the empty stalls. He locked the door behind him, leaving both of them cramped together into the tiny stall.
“Ok, shirt, off.”
“Um…w-why?”Yonggi questioned, a little dazed at the idea of being shirtless in a small toilet cubicle with Jay. There was barely enough space for the two of them.
   “We’re switching shirts, obviously,” Jay said, rolling his eyes like Yonggi was an idiot. “Off, hurry up. While I love being squished in a toilet cubicle with you,” he continued sarcastically, “I have other things to do today, Jung.”
Yonggi paused. “How do you know my name?”
   Was it his imagination or did Jay look a little pink at that question? But it must have been his imagination, because Jay snapped, “How do you know mine? Take your fucking shirt off already.”
Yonggi sighed. He deftly unbuttoned his shirt and then struggled to get it off his shoulders in the tight confines of the cubicle.
   “Imbecile,” Jay murmured, leaning over and easing the shirt off Yonggi’s shoulders. Yonggi suddenly felt very embarrassed that he was standing before Jay half-naked, but the other seemed completely unaffected.
   “So, do I get your shirt?” Yonggi asked.
Jay scoffed. “I doubt you’ll fit it,” he said, eyes sweeping up Yonggi’s body. “Your shoulders are a lot broader than mine. But I guess I can’t let you walk around half-naked.”
Jay unbuttoned his shirt, and Yonggi would be lying if he said he wasn’t waiting in anticipation to see Jay’s body. He was disappointed as Jay’s shirt revealed a white singlet top underneath. “No fair!” Yonggi said, without considering his words. “How come I have to be half-naked?”
Jay’s eyes snapped up to Yonggi’s, amusement playing at the corners of his lips. “What? Were you looking forwards to seeing me?”
Yonggi had the decency to blush. “No. Shut up.” He unwillingly took Jay’s chocolate- stained shirt, the front of which was still slightly wet from the remnants of mousse that clung to it. “Hey,” he suddenly said. “Can’t I have your singlet instead?”
Jay arched an eyebrow. “Why do you want the singlet? It’s against school rules to wear that.”
Yonggi shrugged. “Well then I’ll get in trouble, and that’s a win for you right? So just give me the singlet.”
Jay smirked. “Fine.” He lifted the singlet over his head, twisting a little, and his hips brushed against Yonggi’s side in the small space. Yonggi’s breath caught in his throat for a moment.
Jay had a nipple piercing.
   “Stop staring at me with those goofy eyes, it’s making me sick,” Jay said, handing Yonggi the singlet. Yonggi took in and slid it on, grimacing at the tight fit. It stuck to him like a second skin.
Jay looked him up and down with a slight smirk. “You’re still an irritating little fucker, but your muscles look good like this,” he admitted. “You work out?”
Yonggiblushed bright red. “N-no.”
Jay threw his head back and laughed. “Look at you, getting all flushed and flustered.” He slid Yonggi’s shirt on, and looked up at the other from underneath his lashes. “Mm, your shirt smells like you,” he crooned, licking his lips.
Yonggi blushed harder and Jay literally had tears in his eyes. “Oh, man, teasing you is much more fun than intimidating you.”
   And then he was opening the bathroom stall and walking away, leaving Yonggi standing there like an idiot, blushing in Jay’s too-tight singlet.
- - - - -
   The next day in history class, Jay kicked Yonggi’s chair over two hundred times. Yonggi had been counting.
- - - - -
Yonggi was sitting with Changmin in the library during their lunch break when their idle conversation was disrupted by a book being slammed down against the desk by Jay.
   “You,” he said, staring at Yonggi. “You’re good at physics, right?”
Yonggi blinked. “I’m alright.”
   “Tutor me,” Jay demanded. He spared a glance in Changmin’s direction, and said, “Move, twerp.”
   And that was how Yonggi ended up spending his lunch time with the last person he’d expected.
- - - - -
   After school Yonggi stayed back late to mess around with a soccer ball and a guy he’d met that day, Junsu. The name vaguely rang a bell somewhere in the recesses of his mind, but he couldn’t think quite where he’d heard it before.
Junsu kicked him the ball from the other end of the field, and he kicked it back with more force, but it swung slightly off course, going higher than intended, and he watched with disappointment as it curved to the left and slammed straight into—
The very shocked face of Kim Jay.
Yonggi could’ve died on the spot. Junsu was already running towards Jay, but Yonggi was closer; he started running too and got there first. Jay was sitting in a heap on the floor, groaning and clutching his eye.
   “What have you done to me you beast!” he shrieked, kicking out weakly at Yonggi’s legs. Yonggi dodged the shot and kneeled down beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
   “Are you okay?” he asked seriously. “Look at me.” He grabbed the boy’s chin and turned his face up, pushing Jay’s hands away. There was a nasty bruise ringing his right eye and Yonggi winced.
“YAH!”Jay yelled. “Don’t wince when you look at me! I’m not that ugly!”
Yonggi couldn’t help but smile a little. “You’ve got a nasty bruise,” he said lightly.
   “Oh, fucking thanks, genius, I couldn’t half tell what with the massive swelling I can feel!” Jay snapped back angrily. “Jesus Christ, I give you my singlet and ask you to tutor me, and now you think you can go around kicking balls at my face!”
   “I’m sorr—”
“Yoochun!”Jay snapped. “Where the fuck are you? Why weren’t you there to save me?”
   “Sorry,” another voice said, and Yonggi glanced up to see Yoochun standing a few paces behind Jay. “I was too busy checking out Junsu’s ass.”
   Ah, that’s where he’d heard the name before – Yonggi vaguely recalled Changmin telling him about Junsu and Yoochun dating.
   “Great fucking best friend you are,” Jay muttered. “Oh woe is me! What am I going to do now?” he asked dramatically, flopping down and sprawling out across the grass.
Yonggi cocked an eyebrow at the behaviour, so unlike the cold, bad-boy Jay he was used to. “Is he always like this?” he asked Yoochun.
Yoochun laughed. “When he’s not busy pretending he’s cool, yeah, always.”
   “I heard that fucker!” Jay swore. “Come here and slam your face into my fist,” he demanded, holding his fist up in the air.
   “Yeah, no thanks,” Yoochun grinned.
Yonggi shook his head, still surprised by this side of Jay. “Come on, let me help you to the nurse,” he offered, kneeling down beside Jay.
   “No, go away,” Jay groaned, rolling onto his side.
   “Seriously, Jay, you need to get some ice on that before it gets worse.”
   The threat of a serious impediment to his beauty seemed to convince him. “Fine,” Jay sniffed. “Pick me up and carry me there. I’m too weak to walk.”
   “Bullshit you are,” Yoochun scoffed, but Yonggi didn’t mind. He heaved the boy into his arms and then managed to stand up.
   “You’re light,” he commented, off-hand. “You should eat more.”
   “You’re stupid,” Jay retorted. “You should talk less.”
Yonggi almost laughed. He carried Jay all the way to the nurse’s office and stood outside, waiting with Jay still in his arms, until the nurse brought out an ice pack. Jay held it to his eye and Yonggi followed Jay’s demand to carry him to the bus stop.
   And Yonggi had a feeling Jay almost said thank you. Almost.
- - - - -
   The next day Yonggi brought Jay’s shirt to school, freshly washed and ironed. He found Jay before class in the corridor, hoping that this time he wouldn’t trip over or injure Jay in any way.
   “Where did your bruise go?” he asked when Jay turned to face him, surprised at the usual flawlessness of his skin.
   “Lots of makeup,” Jay replied. “What do you want?”
Yonggi held out the shirt. “Returning this.”
Jay took it, holding it between the tips of his fingers and smelling it to ascertain it was clean. When he was satisfied, he folded it over his arms. “I’m not giving yours back,” he informed Yonggi in a business-like tone. “I washed it but it still smells like you, so I’m keeping it.”
Yonggi blinked. Jay turned and walked away.
- - - - -
   In history the next day, Jay only kicked his chair twenty times. Then he started throwing little balls of paper at Yonggi’s head.
Yonggi stayed back after class and collected all the little balls from around his table, looking at them for a moment before stuffing them in his pocket.
- - - - -
   On Friday morning, Yonggi was heading down the hallway when all of a sudden,Jay skidded to a stop in front of him.
   “Hi,” Jay said, a little breathlessly.
Yonggi’s eyebrows furrowed. “…Hello?” he replied unsurely, wondering why Jay was being uncharacteristically nice.
   “Yeah,” Jay said, and then he turned and walked away. Yonggi didn’t move from the spot, turning instead to watch Jay run towards Yoochun. They had a whispered conversation for a moment, and then Yoochun pushed Jay back towards Yonggi.
   “Hi,” Jay said again.
Yonggi cocked an eyebrow. “Has Yoochun dared you to do something? Because—”
   “Are you in any school clubs?” Jay blurted out.
   “No,” Yonggi answered slowly.
   “Do you do sports?”
   “Do you get tutored?”
   “No babysitting or anything?”
   “No. What—”
   “And no one would want to hang out with you after school, so you must be free today, right?”
Yonggi stared at Jay blankly for a moment. “Yeah, I’m free,” he finally said. “But what—”
   “Say, do you have fifty bucks on you at the moment?” Jay asked, cutting Yonggi off yet again.
   “You want money?” Yonggi asked. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I do. I guess if you want to borrow—”
   “Cool. Okay, so it’s settled, you’ll meet me at the movies at six and you’re choosing dinner, but you should know I don’t like French food, I refuse to eat garlic and I’m allergic to cheap things.”
Yonggi stared at Jay blankly. Jay stared back. Yonggi blinked.
Yoochun sighed and leaned over Jay’s shoulder to say, “In other words, Yonggi, Jay would like to say that he has quite a sizeable crush on you, and he would really like to go out for a movie and dinner tonight if you don’t have any other plans.”
Jay blushed. And then Yonggi understood what the other had been trying to say, and he blushed too. “Oh.”
Jay’s blush seemed to deepen with every second that Yonggi just stood there, looking at him. “Okay, yeah, so, six o clock.”
   And then he turned and walked away.
- - - - -
Yonggi stood outside the cinemas, pulling his coat around him and shivering in the freezing evening air. “Aish, where is this guy…” he muttered, looking around. He checked his watch for the umpteenth time; five past six. Roughly thirty seconds since he last checked.
   And then the horrible thought sunk in that maybe this was just a joke and Jay wasn’t coming at all and—
   “Hi,” a breathless voice said, and he turned to see Jay in front of him with most of his face hidden under a massive scarf and a beanie pulled down low over his face.
   “I thought maybe you weren’t coming,” Yonggi said quietly.
Jay cocked an eyebrow. “It’s unfashionable to be on time,” he said haughtily. And then he added, in a softer voice, “And I may or may not have been here since five, hiding in the coffee shop so I didn’t look too desperate.”
Yonggi couldn’t help but smile, glancing down at his feet so Jay wouldn’t notice his stupid expression.
   “Yah, don’t smile like that!” Jay snapped. He turned and headed towards the doors of the cinema, pausing only to look over his shoulder at Yonggi and say, “Well? Are you coming or not?”
Yonggi just laughed and quickened his pace to catch up with Jay.
   Maybe knocking into Jay on his first day at school had been the best thing he’d ever done.


Seventh Grade
Yun and Jae are best friends. They were the best of friends that Jae developed a deep feeling for his so called best friend. He stared at his best friend beside him and admired Yun'd cute features with a serious face while listening to the teacher. Yun didn't went to class yesterday because of family problems but it was resolved that's why he came back to school.

The teacher kept on lecturing while Yun was jotting down note. Jae was jotting down notes, too, but the important details only because he kept on staring at Yun. Soon after, the class ended. They pakced their stuffs together and went to the cafeteria for lunch. They went to eat with their other friends; Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin.

They occupied a table for five people. Yun and Jae went to take their orders. They are in charged in taking orders and bringing them to their table. It has been the routine of everyone. They were happily chatting together. "So Jae hyung."Junsu whispered to Jae so that their other friends wouldn't hear them. "Did you confess already to Yunhyung?" He asks.

Jae looked at Yun who was happily chatting with Yoochun and Changmin. He sighed and hanged his head low. "No. I didn't confess, yet. I don't know what to say. If I confess I get a feeling that our friendship would be ruined and never come back again. You know I don't want us to be awkward. I'm just too afraid." He whispered to Junsu.

Leaning back on his seat, "Hyung, I know that Yunhyung feels the same way to you. Why don't you make a move first maybe you'll find out next that he loves you, too." Junsu said and took a bite on his food. Jae just pretended he didn't hear him and just looked at Yun. He smiled when he saw Yun smile and it was enough to satisfy him.

After lunch, they went back to their classes and as usual, the class began. Yoochun and Junsu were in the same class while Changmin was below a year of them. But ever since diapers, they've been freinds. Yoochun and Junsu are in a relationship and people already know that and they kind of accepted it since they look cute and too good each other.

What people didn't get is that Yun and Jae's relationship. Are they lovers or just best friends? Whenever they will go out together, people would always mistaken them as a couple even though they're in such a young age. But they will always deny because it was the truth. No matter how Jae want to be with Yun as lovers, he knows that it would be impossible.

Jae sighed and listened to the teacher's lectures. He didn't even notice that Yun was stealing a glance on him. Althought he knows that Yun sees him as a friend only,Yunwas too mysterious to be spotted. The class went to smoothly like any other day. After a few hours they were dismissed and ready to go home,

While Jae was packing his things, someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned arround just to see Yun smiling at him. "Jae, can I borrow your notes from yesterday? I just want to make up from my missed lectures." He said and Jae nodded. Getting his notes and giving it to Yun with a sincere smile. "Thank you." Yun said and kissed Jae's cheek.

It wasn't so surprising because Yun always do it ever since they were kids. They went home together since their houses are just a few blocks away. Junsu would always be with Yoochun, driving him home. Yun and Jae used to walking, even though they can get whatever they wanted, they just wanted to treasure the moment being together.

Jae arrived first at his house. "I guess this would be it. Thank you, Yun, for walking me home. See you tomorrow." He said while waving at Yun.

Yun waved back at Jae. "Okay, see you tomorrow." He said and start running towards their house just a few blocks away.

Junior Year
There in there Junior year. Yun and Jae would still be together. One night, Jae was about to sleep when his phone vibrated. He looked at the screen and saw Yun's name. He pressed the answer button and brought the phone to his ears. "Hello?"

"Jae-ah."Yun whispered. Jaecoud tell he was crying because of his crack voice.
Jae leaned on his back. "Yun? Are you crying? What happened?" He asks. It was very audible to his voice that he was worried.

Yun sniffled. "Can you come into my house?" He asked.
Out of the blue, "Sure."Jae answered and hanged up. Without hesitation, he went downstairs and grabbed a coat. He run towards Yun's house. He was curiously on why was Yun crying. It saddens him whenever he will the one he love, crying.

He arrived in front of Yun's eyes and pressed the door bell. After a few minutes, the door opened and he saw Yun with puffy, red, swollen eyes. "Yun-ah, what happened?" He asks again.

Yun walk towards Jae and hugged him. His tears fell once again. "Jae, it hurts." He whispered. Jae was confused. "It hurst so much." He whispered again. His voice was getting heavier because he can't control his tears.

Jae hugged Yun back and rubbed his palms on Yun's back. "It's okay, Yun, it's okay. I'm here." He whispered back. He pushed Yun inside and dragged him on the living room. He sat next to Yun on the couch and faced him. He put his hands on Yun;s thighs. "Now, tell me what happened?" He asks.

Yun wiped his tears. "It's Seulgi." He whispered. By the mention of the name, Jae's heart shattered into pieces. "She cheated on me." He said and tears started to leak out from his eyes. "I book a restaurant for our dinner date. I went to her house. I was going to fetch on her when I heard moans coming from the inside of the house. I went to the kitchen and peeped on the window and I saw Seulgi with an unfamiliar guy making out." He said. "It hurted me. I ran and cancel the booking in the restaurant." He said and burst into tears.

Jae sighed and brought Yun into his embrace. "It's okay. Cry all you want. I'm here." He whispered. Yun hugged him back and he cried out loud saying how stupid he was to date Seulgi. He was shouting and screaming about his broken heart and Jae listened to it all with sincerity.

Ever since in the beginning, Jae was against there relationship because he knows one day, some girl like Seulgi would just hurt him and break his heart. He knew this woud happen and he just sighed and listened to Yun's blabbering.

After a few minutes of crying, Yun finally calmed down. "Yun, I think you should sleep now. Look, how's late it is. Come on, let's go to your room." Jae said and dragged Yun upstairs where Yun's room was located. Opening the door, Yun went right into his bed and lies down. Jae went towards the bed and tucked Yun in.

Lifting the covers up to Yun's neck. "Jae." Yun called. Jae turned to looke on his beautiful teary eyes. "Thank you very much. I know you're my best friend. Thank you for listening to me." He said and went to kissed Jae's cheeks.

Jae smiled, "You're welcome. Just call me if you have a bad day and I will come to listen to you." He said and smiled. "I would be going now." He said.

"Okay." Yun answered. Before Jae could open the door. "Jae, I'm sorry for the trouble." He whispered bit very audible to Jae's ears.

Jae turned to Yun. "It's okay. I'll be going now." And one last time, they waved goodbye.
When he locked the front door, he went running to his house with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was hurt to see Yun crying and it hurt him more that Yunwoud be never love him more than a friend. Lif is so selfish that's what Jae belief. On that night, he was crying on his bed.

Graduation Day
A day passed and then a week and then a month. Before they could blink it was already there graduation day. All seniors were on their toga. They are going to graduate from the school they cherished the most and made good memories.

Chosen students were given a chance to make a speech and all seniors listened. It was the best day of their lives. Yun and Jae were teary because they would be leaving their favorite school. Jae looked at Yun who was taking his diploma. He felt proud for his best friend. He was so happy. He can't take off his gaze at Yun because he was too handsome, walking on the stage.

It was turn for him to take his diploma and he could feel tears forming on his eyes when he got his diploma. He exited the stage and tears streamed on his face. Yun was there beside him. They gave hug to each other. They were so happy. They would be enetering college by next.

They all silenced when their principal came in view in front of the microphone. "My dear seniors, I pronounced you graduates!" Everyone took of their hats and throw it on mid air. All were happy some were in tears. Everyone were chatting with happy faces painted on their faces. Finally, their struggles of being a high school students came to an end. But they would never forget the memories they made.

The moments where they are being childish like kids, the moments where they shared ideas and cooperation. It was worth the hardships they faced together as students. Yun came running towards Jae and he spun Jae in air. "Finally, were graduates." He beamed in happiness.
Jae laughed at Yun's childish behavior. They bid goodbye to everyone after their happy session. Yun and Jae went to a fancy restaurant where their friends, their families and ther friends' families are waiting. They are goint to celebrate for them, Yun and Jae, being graduates and doing a good job.

When they entered the restaurant, they saw Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin waving at them. They ran towards them and they made group hugged. Their families were giggling at them. "Hyung, you're going to leave me now." Junsu cried and hugged Jae.

Jae laughed and patted Junsu's back. "Come one Junsu, you can do it like how we did it." Jae whispered but Junsu kept on crying.

Changmin was pouting at his hyungs. "Hyung, if Yoochunhyung and Junsuhyung leave then I will be left alone." He whined and everyone on the table laughed at Changmin's adorable behavior.
They went to eat again. Happy chats and laughter. Some crack a joke and everyone laughed. It was so happy but Jae was still missing something. He looked at Yun and sighed. He still wanted Yun to be his lover. He wanted to confess but his cowardness was attacking him. He sighed and looked out the window, gazing at the stars, with empty eyes.

Few Years Later
It's been so many years that they parted ways towards success. They've all been busy because of business. They don't have time for each other. But all five them still communicate very well. Whenever they have free time, they would always go out to eat food, go to the amusement park and become childish again.

Last year, Yoochun proposed to Junsu, his long time boyfriend and they are married now. Everything is going smoothly. Changmin already has a boyrfriend, an actor and model, Kim Kibum. Yun also, has a girlfriend, her name is BoA. She was indeed a beautiful lady. Jae was all alone, althought he is being surrounded by kids.

Yun, Yoochun and Changmin are business partners. Jae, Junsu and Kibum are all friends and they get along pretty well. Jae is a nurse for kids that's why he is surrounded by kids. He loves kids and kids loves him. In the hospital, all the kids are gathered who are sick and are disabled. Jae would always sing for them before going to sleep. He would play with the kids when having a free time and he is always the one who would give the kids their medicine.

Once and awhile, Junsu and Kibum would come to visit him and play with the kids. Jae would be happy to see them. Sometimes, Junsu would come with Yoochun and Kibum with Changmin but Yun never visited him in the hospital even though they see each other barely. Yoochun and Changmin would cheer Jae up that Yun was just busy because of work.

Even though Yun has a girlfriend, he should also visit his best friend. Jae was walking out of the big room after he tuck the kids into their beds. It was eight in the evening. Jae would be sleeping in the voice because he is in the night shift. He went towards the hall and clean the counter. There was a smile audible on his face, it was because he was happy with the kids.

He went outside of the hospital to buy some dinner. It was pretty cold but he didn't brought his jacket at all. Then his phone vibrated. He looked at the caller ID and saw Yun's name on it. 

"Hello?" He answered.
"Jae-ah." Someone said on the other side of the line.
How he missed that voice. "Yun-ah? How've you been?" He asks while entering a small ramen shop.
"I've been good. How about you?" He asks.
"I'm fine. Just finishing my task."Jae answered back.
"What are you doing right nom? Let me guess, you're eating on a ramen shop." Yun said.
Jae laughed. "You know me too well." He answered back.
Yun laughed also. "I knew it. Jae-ah."
"I'm sorry." He whispered.
Jae furrowed his eyebrows while sipping on his soup. "Because I never visited you in the hospital."
"It's okay. I know you're a workaholic. Don't worry about it." He assured the other.
"Okay. Oh and one more thing. I'm getting married." Yun beamed in happiness.
At that revelation, Jae's heart stopped. He was too shock. "Oh? Really? Congratulations then." He said.
"Thanks. Hope to see you there. Bye." He said and hanged up.

Then Jae's chest started hurting. It was pretty bad and he couldn't breath at all. He was running out of breath. After a few minutes of struggling, he finally gave in and lost consciousness. The people around him began to panic and called for an ambulance.

After that incident, nobody knew what was wrong with Jae. Even his friends doesn't know. Jae went to his province after hearing that he was diagnosed with a heart cancer. He told his parents and they were all shock. They let Jae stay and cherish Jae's remaining time.

Yun, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin and Kibum were quite worried when they didn't saw Jae at the wedding. Weeks have passed and that they found Jae missing. They couldn't contact him at all. This made them sad. They told the police officer to find him and even hired detective and investigators but to no avail. They couldn't find Jae at all.

Years Passed
Eventually, they didn't found Jae. There were no hints nor news about him. They were saddened about it. They were still worrying for Jae and they tried many places. They didn't know that Jae was in his province. He informed his family not to tell his friends about him being in a far away place because he doesn't want anyone to see everyone and tell them that he is diagnosed for a heart cancer.

Yun was driving on the road. He just came from the police station, asking if there were any news about Jae but there wasn't. He was frustrated because he couldn't find Jae, angry because Jae just left like that and saw because Jae left them. Their emotions were mixed and they don't know what to do anymore.

It was then that he wasn't focusing on the road. He raised his head and came one on one with a truck. He swayed his car and went to the side, causing his car to move sideways and fall on the hill. He was badly injured and the truck was broken. The driver was dead on the spot. Yun came into survival. His head was bleeding. He couldn't move his legs.

He can't see clearly because of the blood streaming down onto his eyes. He groaned in pain. He quickly reached for his phone while wincing in pain. Without hesitation, he dialed Jae's number. He didn't know what came into him but all he wanted to do now is hear the other's voice. He remember once when they were in junior high.

After a few minutes of crying, Yun finally calmed down. "Yun, I think you should sleep now. Look, how's late it is. Come on, let's go to your room." Jae said and dragged Yun upstairs where Yun's room was located. Opening the door, Yun went right into his bed and lies down. Jae went towards the bed and tucked Yun in.

Lifting the covers up to Yun's neck. "Jae." Yun called. Jae turned to looke on his beautiful teary eyes. "Thank you very much. I know you're my best friend. Thank you for listening to me." He said and went to kissed Jae's cheeks.

Jae smiled, "You're welcome. Just call me if you have a bad day and I will come to listen to you." He said and smiled. "I would be going now." He said.
"Okay." Yun answered. Before Jae could open the door. "Jae, I'm sorry for the trouble." He whispered bit very audible to Jae's ears.
Jae turned to Yun. "It's okay. I'll be going now." And one last time, they waved goodbye.
End of Flashback

Then his call was answered but he didn't get any response. "Jae." Yun called on him softly but he didn't get any response again. "Jae, I know you are there. Please come." He said between pants. "Jae, please come to me. Please speak. I just need to hear your voice. Come on Jae. I'm running out of time. it hurts. Please." He pleaded.

After a few minutes."Yun-ah." He heard a response. He smiled.

He loved to hear that voice. "Jae, I'm not going to ask where you are. I just want for you to know that I love you, Jae." Yun whispered. "I know I am such a coward but I was just too afraid that our friendship would be ruined. Ever since we were young, I've always loved you. I love you more than just a friend and I continue to hide my feelings. I am really sorry for not telling you." He said between pants.

Jae was crying on the other line. "Yun-ah, I'm sorry." He said between sobs. "I...I've always love you, too. Everday, I would always wish that you'd love me, too and that you would be mine. But just the same reason as you, I was also afraid. I'm sorry for not telling you." He said and mumbled those words again and again.
Yun smiled. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you, too." And just those words, Yun couldn't survive anymore, he has no strength. Then he lost consciousness and slowly, his strength faded, his eyes were slowly closing, his pants become heavier and heavier. From that time, his hear stopped beating. "Yun-ah?Yun-ah?Yun-ah?"Jae kept calling on him but he didn't get an answer.

It was then that he could feel the pain on his chest. From that strong emotion caused him a lot of strength. He struggled for breath. He was left alone on his room and he couldn't breath at all. His head was spinning and he was coughing like mad. He started coughing blood on his hands. He curled on a corner like a ball struggling and shouting with pain.

It was too unbearable for him. Slowly, he slipped onto life and death. He could hear his heart beating getting slower and slower. He stopped struggling and his hand dropped. His heart stopped beating instantly and that was the end of it.

After a few weeks, they held a burial for their most beloved; Yun and Jae. They died on the same date. Junsu was crying,Yoochun was comforting Junsu even though he was crying himself, Changmin couldn't hold back his tears. Changmin hugged his boyfriend Kibum and cried louder.

The people who attended were crying. Yun and Jae were good persons. They helped a lot of people and are very nice to everyone in their neighborhood and people they just met. Their memories were being buried with them. Together; together they were in the same coffin, hilding hands like a lovers do and side by side they are lying on their bed.

They also found out that the last caller from Yun's phone was Jae and vice versa and from that they could tell that from the very last of their breaths, they talked to each other and finally confessed. By the other world, they would always be together and they wished them a happy lifetime.

Yun's and Jae's wishes came true. A simple word with a lot of meaning; WISH

(4) Unstoppable

It’s not true, you’re not my love.
That’s right, you doesn’t suit me.
Even when I first saw you, it wasn’t you who entered my heart.
Run away so that my eyes won’t be able to see you,
so that my heart won’t reach you, so that my heart won’t know.

Filled with hate, you’ve evaded my heart and planted lowly roots
I love you, and you had loved me but we can’t do this.
It has to stop and not continue.

There’s nothing that can be done. I just have to act it didn’t happen
and stop myself from crying.

If I hadn’t seen you–no if you didn’t exist at all then I wouldn’t hurt
I hate you for showing me what love is and because of love, saving me.
There’s nothing that I can do..
It's unstoppable..

(5) Confession of Fear

It's a fire that burns from birth in even the coldest heart..
It motivates and paralyzes the best of us...
Or is used as a weapon by the worst
But when your path is one of treachery and deception...
The greatest fear of all...
Is that the truth is absolute.

I'm not trying to resolve
and I'm not trying
to put you at fault
There's a reason for it all
and there's a fear I can't even show
and you can't blame me of it all…

A guilty heart is silent
Its pulse muffled by
the secrets it keeps.
While some believe confession
can release a tortured soul
Others view it as a sign of weakness

Because ultimately,
whatever you say
However you feel about
what you've done,
It's irrelevant...
For the hand of death
is equally unforgiving..

Zahra Dertina Ekaputri (18610815)